Khmer Essentials by CambodiaU

Khmer Essentials

This course is perfect for people looking to learn the most useful Khmer greetings and phrases before visiting the Kingdom of Wonder, or just to impress Khmer speaking friends or relatives. 


At CambodiaU, we built the U Learn Khmer - Essentials course to help people like you learn the most useful greetings and phrases for your upcoming visit to Cambodia. You will learn with high quality audio and video, and you will also pay our online Khmer instructor. He regularly only earns $1 a day teaching in 3 local schools, so you’re directly helping people rise out of poverty, as you learn to speak khmer.

Course Description

If you've always wanted to...
  • Learn essential Khmer vocabulary and phrases for use with friends, family, or while traveling
  • Learn with high quality audio, phonetics, and accurate translations
  • Give support to the Cambodian people to help them rise out of poverty
  • Be a part of an online Khmer learning Community
… then this course is for you.

In this 5 video program program, we've included everything you need to know to get started, including:
        • Greetings (with replies)
        • Pleasantries (with replies)
        • Thank you's and apologies (with replies)
        • Do you understand? (with replies)
        • Farewells

The Khmer - Essentials course is now open... Join us!
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