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Sim teaches English, Khmer, and fixes bicycles in his small bicycle repair shop. He is a very smart man, dedicated to teaching children, and he works hard to support his family. You can help him provide for his family, by purchasing any one of our online Khmer courses.
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About Us

First of All, thank you for considering CambodiaU as the place for your Khmer learning.

How did CambodiaU begin? was founded by a missionary (Ric) and his Khmer tutor (Sim) from a poor riverside village in Kratie.

We are here to create the best online resource of the Cambodian language for you.
Since Ric began studying Khmer when he first met his half-cambodian wife, he noticed that there were no high-quality online resources for learning Khmer. Ric is an experienced online instructor with over 20,000 online students in multiple subjects, and with his background, he desired to make the best online course for learning Khmer. His goal is to master Khmer, and leave no stone unturned, and he is creating the resources he wish he had, when he began learning Khmer. While he is the one designing the courses for CambodiaU, He also knows, that you don't want to listen to a foreigner teach Khmer, so he has hired a talented local teacher to revise all of the content, and be the voice within your courses.

Your purchase will provide support for our local teacher Sim.
Ric noticed that his tutor Sim was peculiarly gifted and passionate about teaching Khmer, and English. So Ric, with his background in building online courses, he desired to create an online course to help other missionaries and expats learn Khmer from fantastic tutors like Sim. 

Ric also desires to help Sim earn a living in a village in extreme poverty, where information is not highly valued. Sim earned less than $1 a day teaching students in his village, but with the purchase of our Khmer courses, Sim earns an honorable wage. He is now able to provide food for his family, and continue to brighten the future to his students through education.
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